Stair Lift Permits and Inspections

If you are having a stair lift installed in the state of California, a permit and inspection may be required.

All properties zoned commercial, institutional or industrial require a permit and inspection. Installations in multi-family residential, churches, common public areas and outdoor environments may also require a permit and / or inspection. In addition to a permit, special safety equipment and power sources may be required before the permit is issued.

Single family residential properties generally do not need a permit unless the property is located within some Los Angeles County municipalities.

California Home Elevator will work with you to determine what is required for your property. In no circumstance will we install your stair lift without a permit, where it is required by law. Further, we recommend you verify that any company providing stair lifts confirm that the permit and inspection fees are part of their written quote. As a property owner, you could be held liable for fines and loss of equipment in the event a stair lift is installed illegally.