DIY Stair Lifts

To help you make an informed decision about installing a stair lift there are some links below to external sites we think you may find useful. Not all stair lift manufacturers and dealers are equal, and not all states will allow self-installation on stair lifts. Doing your homework will save you time and money.

Consumer Review Sites

Some stair lift suppliers seem to attract attention on consumer review sites. Before buying a stair lift we recommend you visit the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List,, Huffington Post or search for “stair lift” on sites like this one Complaints Board.


We’re constantly being asked to check out a stair lift that someone has bought “cheap” online or from a friend, then tried to install themselves. Invariably something goes wrong. The “chair didn’t work as advertised” or “the rail doesn’t fit my stairway” are two very common problems. For your safety and peace of mind we include professional installation with every stair lift. All reputable manufacturers insist on this, and some states require it by statute.